Thank you for taking time to discover more about the Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund, a service of the Wesley Senior Ministries Foundation.

Contributing to the Golden Cross Senior Residents Fund provides the resources to enhance the quality of daily living and well-being of the elderly residents of Wesley Living communities. Golden Cross and you, transforming lives one need at a time!

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The New GOLDEN CROSS Video presentation

A incredible day of generosity!

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The Memphis Institute of Leadership Education is a mentoring program sponsored by the business school at the University of Memphis. Each semester of the program, they select a community outreach program. This year GOLDEN CROSS was selected. Member of the MILE program collected and donated daily use items like; paper towels, toilet paper, dental supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.

Last year over 4,000 items were selected. This year a whopping 6,900 items were collected!!!

To assist in pick up and delivery, we were honored to have the good folks at Big League Movers donate a truck and driver to the collection and delivery efforts.

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The next day, we took a tour of the West Tennessee Wesley Living communities delivering the goodies. Many people in need will benefit from the generosity shown through this amazing project!

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A fresh new article appeared today on

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Move In Kits

For a moment try to imagine, if you can, what nothing looks and feels like.  Nothing looks like a tattered blanket to cover up with as you lay your head on a hard floor at night.  Nothing looks like an off brand dish soap on the bathroom sink and a cloth placemat draped over the bathtub to wash your body with. Nothing looks like a paper cup on the counter in an empty kitchen sitting alone because it is the only dish there is.  Nothing is emptiness.  Some of the residents we faithfully serve struggle with what most only consider a concept.

Ms. Wreatha was overjoyed being able to call her new apartment in a Wesley Living Community home.  She had a roof over her head, the clothes on her back, her pocket book, the tattered blanket and her dish soap.  Upon walking into her apartment I was faced with the reality of what nothing actually looks and feels like, the stark bareness of the space brought Ms. Wreatha’s reality to life for me.

From this visit to her home, the “Move-In Kit” was developed to assist residents who come to us in similar situations. $200.00 purchases all the things you and I use and consume daily that we take for granted. Any and all donations help to build everything needed to offer a helping hand to those residents who find themselves with nothing.

The “Move-In Kits” are used to help those residents who come to a Wesley Living Community in a dire and desperate situation, needing a helping hand in a vulnerable time in their lives.  Working with Managers and Service Coordinators, we put together a list of items a resident would need to help them restart over in life.

A “Move-In Kit” consists of the following… Move in kit (30)

Bathroom Items:

Shower curtain and rings, bath mat, towels (bath hand, and face) and a toilet brush

Kitchen Items:

Set of dishes, set of pot and pans, silverware, set of cups, dishtowels, kitchen utensils (cooking spoons, can opener, knife set) plastic containers with lids, pitcher

Bedroom Items:

Pillows, Blankets, full sheet set

Household items:

Small trashcan with trash bags, cleaning supplies (bleach, Clorox wipes, windex, all purpose cleaner, pledge), sponges, dishwashing liquid, Ziploc bags, laundry soap, laundry basket, hangers, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels,Kleenex

Personal Care Items:

Toothbrush and toothpaste, body soap, body soap

“Bear Your Heart for Art” Results!!!

We had an amazing, humbling and touching day today. A presentation of all the decorated bears was made to the great folks and kids at Youth Villages. Youth Villages is a private non-profit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families.

The creativity of the residents of Wesley Living communities literally touched the hearts of these dear children.

As we were driving away, the kids were diving into the bags of bears claiming theirs. It sounded like Christmas!

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